Posting land
has never been this easy

We have a different take on posted signs. Check us out, we think you'll like it.

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Land Access

Either automate land access requests, or get notified and approve them from anywhere. Approvals are just a click away!

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Revenue Generation

You work hard for your land. Why not make your land work hard for you? Set up automated payments for allowing people to access your land.

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Protect Yourself

Are you covered if someone is injured on your land? We provide every land owner with a liability waiver. Each person that requests access to your land MUST agree to not file suit.

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Do you know who is currently on your land?

We put you in control

QR Posts puts you in control. Stay in loop and see who is on your land at any point in time from our dashboard. Sometimes you don't care that people hunt your land, but you just want to know who is out there.

With QR Posts, now you can know exactly who is on your land without getting calls and text messages all day.

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How it works

QR Posts makes it easy for you to manage who is accessing your land

  • Enter some basic details about the land you are posting

  • Customize and print your posted signs, then post your land!

  • Each posted sign has a QR code, when someone wants to access your land they scan the code with their phone

  • They are brought to your personal request form, and they fill out their information

  • You are sent a notification to approve or decline. You can also let us handle it and automate this process

  • If you set up payments, they will pay with credit card once approved

  • That's it! If you require payment, we deposit the funds in your account on a daily basis

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