Posting Land
Made Simple

Managing and requesting access to land has never been easier. Check us out, we think you'll like it.

Sign in a wheat field


Easily manage all your land access requests whether they are from an online booking or someone out on your field scanning your signs.


If you're looking for private land access, look no further. We offer over 30,000 acres of excellent private land.

Just want the elevator pitch? Check out our 60 second video!

How it works?

Built for simplicity

We built QR Posts primarily for landowners to help manage land access requests. What we came up with was a tool that not only fits the needs of landowners, but also allows outdoor enthusiasts to quickly and easily find and request access to great land.

  • Landowners create an account and enters some basic details about the land they are posting.

  • Once the land is configured, landowners customize and print their posted signs, then post their land.

  • Each posted sign has a QR code

  • When an outdoor enthusiast wants to access your land, they scan the code with their phone or finds your property via our interactive map.

  • Outdoorsmen are presented with a landowners personal request form, and they fill out their information

  • The landowner is sent a notification to approve or decline. Or let us handle it and automate this process

  • If payments are configured, the outdoorsmen will pay with credit card once approved

  • That's it! If payment is required, we deposit landowner funds on a daily basis.


For anyone wanting access to great land, QR Posts makes it simple. Whether you are out in the elements, or home on your computer, we got you covered.

In the field

If you're driving around and see one of our signs posted on someones property, simply scan the code and request access. No more tracking down landowner information.

Home on the couch

Right here, right now, on this website, you have access to some amazing properties. You can explore all the properties we offer and filter by species, location, acres and more!
QR Posted Sign

QR Posts is exactly what I have been looking for. These posted signs give me the ability to easily allow access to my land without having to receive phone calls during our busy season.

Paul Ellefson
Owner, Ellefson Farms Inc.

QR Posts makes it so easy to find good hunting land. I can simply scan a sign and immediately get access to the property I am looking to hunt. This saves so much time, no more tracking down landowner contact information.

Dustin Hollevoet
Owner, Hollevoet Orthodontics

Landowners - You're in Control

QR Posts puts you in control. Stay in loop and see who is on your land at any point in time from our dashboard. Sometimes you don't care that people hunt your land, but you just want to know who is out there.

With QR Posts, now you can know exactly who is on your land without getting calls and text messages all day.

Access Management

Either automate land access requests, or get notified and approve them from anywhere. Approvals are just a click away!

Revenue Generation

You work hard for your land. Why not make your land work hard for you? Set up automated payments for allowing people to access your land.

Protect Yourself

Are you covered if someone is injured on your land? We provide every land owner with a liability waiver. Each person that requests access to your land MUST agree to not file suit.

All-in-one platform

QR Posts makes managing and requesting access to land simple.


Posted Signs

Patent pending posted signs landowners post on their land to help streamline & standardize the communication process in the field.


Landowners get notifications when any of their signs get scanned or someone requests access to their land.


Easily configure payment for accessing any of your land postings. Don't want to charge for access but just want to know when people are out, that works too!


Landowners can configure allowed species, online booking, automatic approvals, land status, multiple bookings, instructions & more!

Search private land

Outdoorsmen can search our database of private land using our interactive map and filtering capabilities.

Immediate in field access

Easily request access to physically posted land by scanning any QR Post.

Save time

No more tracking down landowner contact information and making awkward introductions to ask permission to access land.

Get in touch

QR Posts is a small company based in Fargo, ND. If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out!

Phone number
+1 (701) 660-5225